job-inductionOctober 13, 2015. According to Galen, a brilliant anatomist and pioneer of experimental physiology of Pergamum, Turkey "Employment is Nature's physician, and is essential to human happiness". Getting employed right away has always been the mindset of the candidates for graduation hence they tend to forget that employment needs a serious preparation.

The Municipality of Dalaguete thru its Public Employment Service Office (PESO) with the cooperation with the Dalaguete Skills Training And Resource (STAR) Center once again conducted a Pre-Employment/ Job-Induction and Entrepreneurship Orientation last October 6, 2015 at the Dalaguete Cultural and Sports Complex having the 28th batch of Dalaguete STAR Center trainees as its audience including the other interested constituents of the municipality.

Mr. William F. Flannery, Dalaguete STAR Center Director who in behalf of Mayor Ronald Allan G. Cesante, gave his welcome address and proceeded with his topic on "What to expect and how to prepare for a job interview". As we all know, job interview is considered as a very challenging task by most of the job seekers. There's a big fear factor, because of which, candidate get nervous at the time of interview, and ultimately it results in a bad outcome. Thus, job interviews need a good preparations and presence of mind. It is also the key factor from which companies judge candidates and make sure that the company is running in safe hands. Mr. Flannery take the audience into reality that job interview is one thing we must be prepared of.

Ma. Lizara H. Soloriano, PESO Manager /Special Engaged Service Personnel on Legal Matters spoke on PESO Functions taking into account its objective to ensure the prompt, timely and efficient delivery of employment service and provision of information on the other DOLE programs. She also talked about the functions, services and other special programs provided by PESO.

Labor Education for Graduating Students (LEGS) seminar program was made by the Department of Labor and Employment to prepare future workers on work ethics, the culture of productive and decent work and other dynamics in the workplace. It is designed to guide "would-be-workers" on their rights at work and responsibilities and aimed to enlightened students on how to apply for work locally and overseas. A guest speaker from the DOLE-7, Ms. Flordeliza Navarro, Senior LEO converse on employer rights; labor standards, welfare & labor relations: employer's rights and prerogatives; framework of labor management relations; guidelines that will help on becoming a good employee.
The afternoon part of the seminar starts with Mr. Roy Ligat, Atty II of the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) who discussed about managing overseas labor migration; modes of hiring; basic and other documents needed; awareness of illegal recruitments; online registration. PEOS or Pre-Employment Orientation Seminar has also been the program of the POEA as one the requirements in working abroad. Moreover, those who already attended the activity will be given a PEOS certificate which justifies that they will not need to attend the PEOS in case of overseas employment.

Building an effective resume was the topic of Mr. William Flannery as he took his second discussion for the activity. He elaborated the guidelines, its objective and tips in making a resume hence it is used by a person to present their backgrounds and skills in searching for employment.

Aside from getting employed, entrepreneurship has also become another way of living though it needs your time and effort. Mrs. Ma. Berlinda M. Flannery, owner of Te Bern's Merchandise shares her tips in building own business. As businesses nowadays has become rampant and truly succeeded provided by effort and determination of an entrepreneur.

Before the activity ended, distribution of forms for their registration on National Skills Registry System and other special announcements was made.
As what one quote says "The will to succeed means nothing without the will to prepare".

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