ProvincialMeet2015 Tarp3Dalaguete is in a hustle and bustle atmosphere as the municipality is to host this year’s battle of strength, teamwork, grace, artistry, wits, brains and beauty in the fields of 9 sports disciplines and cultural competitions in the Cebu Provincial Athletic and Cultural Meet from November 22 to 27, 2015.

The local government headed by Mayor Ronald Allan Cesante aims for all the sports competitions be held within the municipality thus for a short period of less than 2 months, the local government through the Municipal Planning and Development Office and Municipal Engineering Office, has completed construction an Olympic size swimming pool and tennis courts. Area fronting the University of the Visayas – Dalaguete has been laid out for softball game as well. These newly constructed venues among other existing areas were ocular inspected and approved by the Provincial Meet committee.

Aside from the game venues, LGU made sure that the approximate total of 12,210 delegates from the 44 municipalities of the province be given safe and sanitary places to stay. Billeting quarters in the municipality were inspected. Cooking and bathing areas, waste disposal and safety entrance and exits were checked. Precautionary measures and recommendations were also given to billeting coordinators.

For the overall safety, security, of not just the participants but also the majority of the people coming in to witness the event, medics and rescue staff are on alert. Personnel from the Regional Public Safety Battalion are augmented for more PNP uniformed personnel to patrol overnight. Barangay Tanods are alerted to keep watch on the playing and billeting areas. DRRMO made contingency plans like exit routes in buildings and venues. Emergency hotline/ contact numbers were posted on tarpaulin signages hung in strategic places. Emergency Response Team was created.

The Rural Health Unit (RHU) will be monitoring playing venues. They will be prepared to administer first aid treatment and minor dressing. Julio Cardinal Rosales Memorial Hospital will have an Orthopaedic Doctor on standby in the length of the event.

Dalaguete Water District installed water pumps to ensure the availability of water and CEBECO take measures to ensure power service interruption will not be experienced during the meet.

For the guests and visitors coming in, LGU was able to get a 15-20% discount for the month of November from resorts Ocean Bay, Dakong Bato and BB’s Hideaway.

Market prices are made sure not to increase and fare rates are regulated. Signages regarding fare rates are put up around town.

An upgraded service and scheduling of garbage collection in billeting areas, resorts and playing venues are provided.

The municipal government hopes that all the hard work put into the preparations be sufficient enough for everyone’s welfare. This event will not be successful without everyone’s help, cooperation and sense of oneness and so everyone is called to keep watch, pay attention, keenly observe, and most especially care for our fellowmen. Everyone is enjoined in making this event as safe and secure for everyone as it should be. Eyes and hearts open Dalaguete!!!!


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