MissDepedVisitNovember 23, 2015 – Lovely and witty candidates coming from 22 municipalities of the Province of Cebu came to pay a social call to Mayor Ronald Allan Cesante. The ladies also visited local tourist destinations to see, feel and experience Dalaguete.

While waiting for the mayor, the girls got the chance to chitchat about their respective municipalities and the beautiful spots and delicacies they offer. They also tackled some concerns and issues they noticed in their municipalities and discussed possible solutions.

Mayor Ronald Allan Cesante welcomes everyone and hopes that they are comfortable in the areas they are staying. When asked who their bet is, everyone answered “Miss Daanbantayan”. Mayor then told the candidates to enjoy and reiterated that this is just a friendly competition, a chance to meet new friends and most specially represent their respective municipalities.

Miss DepEd pageant night will be on November 26, 2015, Thursday, 7:00PM at the Dalaguete Sports Complex. There will be a pre pageant on the same day at 1:00 PM at the same venue.

Be there and be ready to cheer for your bets. 

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