scholars assembly 2016 01According to a Chinese Proverb, “If you are planning for a year, sow rice; if you are planning for a decade, plant trees; if you are planning for a lifetime, educate people”. This quote strongly recognizes the value of educated young people in the society. Value-oriented, God-fearing, hardworking and brilliant individuals are the qualities that a society is looking for. These characteristics are ideally talking about the young individuals of the Municipality of Dalaguete. They are the ones who are to be molded by the Municipality. They will surely bring out what is best of Dalaguete towards its development and progress. As what is envisioned by Mayor Ronald Allan G. Cesante when he initiated the Dalaguete Municipal Scholarship Program (DMSP) in 1997, through education, we will be able to ensure that the next generation of Dalaguetnons who will replace us are better than us.

          Last April 27, 2016, the Dalaguete Office of the Municipal Programs on Education organized the Second Scholars’ Assembly. It was held at the second floor of the Dalaguete Health Management Complex (RHU I). This assembly united the excellent scholars once again to recognize the achievers for the school year 2015-2016, elect new set of Dalaguete Municipal Scholar Society (DMSS) officers, and participate during the open forum and workshop activity.

          scholars assembly 2016 02The registration started at 8 o’clock in the morning. It was facilitated by Ms. Gretchen de la Peña, a Municipal Education staff; Ms. Marivic Alonso, a Municipal scholar; Ms. Princess Yvonne Rey, a student employee. Afterwards, each of the scholars went and sit with their respective team that was assigned to them during the registration period.

          Right after the registration, the program proper eventually followed at around 8:40 am. Ms. Mae Lovelle Carteciano, a municipal scholar, formally opened the assembly with her deep and most heartfelt invocation. Next to it was the singing of Philippine National Anthem.

          Mr. Christopher Aliñabon, the vice-president of the DMSS for the year 2015-2016 served as the master of ceremony of the event. He actively called the scholars by school. Then he encouraged the high school scholar-achievers to stand to be recognized. He did further announced the college scholars who graduated with Latin Honors. The outstanding college graduates are the following:

1. Sandoval, Mil Carl P.           BSIE               CTU-Argao                CUM LAUDE

2. Geoman, Roselyn O.           BSA                UC Banilad               CUM LAUDE

3. Salvador, Shirley M.            BSEd               UV Dalaguete          CUM LAUDE

4. Monceda, Maria Melisa B.    BSEd               CNU                        CUM LAUDE

5. Bejagan, Gilbert G.             BSMAR-E         UC Mambaling          CUM LAUDE

6. Indig, Pablo Jr. A.                BSMT               UC Mambaling       MAGNA CUM LAUDE

          scholars assembly 2016 03Then, the election of new set of DMSS officers for the year 2016-2017 followed. This was facilitated by Mr. Leo Carlo Casinillo, the Director for Municipal Programs on Education. The newly elected officers are the following:

President: Christopher Aliñabon            BSED IV                       UV-Dalaguete

Vice-President: Mae Lovelle Carteciano   BS Social Work II          STC

Secretary: Ronalyn Yonto                     BSED III                       UV-Dalaguete

Treasurer: Dixie Grace Gelaga                Doctor of Vet. Med II     VSU

PIO: Kathleen Amaya                            BSED III                       UV-Dalaguete

          Afterwards, the newly elected officers extended their utmost gratitude to their fellow scholars who trusted them to be their leaders in their acceptance speeches. After the messages, the induction of officers followed.

          The first ever open forum and workshop activity done by the scholars happened right after the election. This activity aimed to form a concrete and clear stand of the scholars as to that would be helpful enough for the development of the Municipality. They were guided by the question, “as a Municipal scholar, what can I do to contribute to the growth and development of Dalaguete?” Before the sharing Mr. Casinillo introduced first to the 20 teams.  The team composition is the following: 1 facilitator, 2 reporters, 1 organizer, 1 secretary, 2 lay-out artists, 2 materials in-charged and 3 after care experts. He then mentioned the vision of the Municipality, which can be truly interpreted by these three questions, “who are we?”; “where we are going?” and “how can we get there?” The mission, which provides the concrete steps an individual must take in order to attain the goal was given after. Mr. Casinillo moved to the giving of the mechanics of the activity. The facilitators then proceeded to their designated teams bringing with them the materials for the activity. The scholars had 5 minutes in answering the question using the metacards that mainly talked about their role in the development of the Municipality. They had 12 minutes to share their ideas with one another within teams. Right after the sharing, the facilitators collected the metacards and handed it to Mr. Casinillo. The teams then drew a road map towards the realization of the vision of the Dalaguete. After 45 minutes, Teams 15, 12, 9, 7, 3 and 1 volunteered to report and share to the crowd what they had done.

          scholars assembly 2016 04Team 15 was the first team to report. The two reporters explained what their drawing was all about. They mentioned about a scholar must be motivated to study hard in order to help the municipality in the future. Next was Team 12. They envisioned that the scholars will succeed in life and will still support the municipality and promote for the significance of a healthy environment. Team 9 then shared their ideas about Dalaguete who was not yet fully improved, as of now. However, due to the perseverance of the municipal scholars, they will reach the peak of success and then go back to Dalaguete to serve as instruments for its improvement. After them, Team 7 shared their ideas also, and one of them said this line, “we haven’t developed ourselves yet, so, we better start within ourselves the development before taking it to a much bigger world outside”. Next was Team 3. For them, Dalaguete was represented by a small plant which was being nurtured by fertilizer which was the perseverance and technology that helped the plant to grow and be a productive Dalakit Tree. Lastly, Team 1 presented the idea that we must respect one another; take care the environment; and encourage each to strive and work even harder.

          After the reporting, Mr. Casinillo summarized all the ideas presented by this line which is a quote from a Thomasian priest, “before dreaming of changing the world, we must begin the change in that little corner where we find ourselves”.

        The activity ended with successful smiles. The glowing ideas expressed by each of the scholars will serve as the voice of the body that will address the concerns of the youth to the society. The suggestions mentioned by the scholars will really be a great help towards the growth and development of Dalaguete and the attainment of its vision. The municipal scholars are not just scholars by name but scholars that will bring out the best of the municipality through their very own productive ways. 

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