madac rallyIt has been a great challenge in every government unit on how to protect his people from the menace of illegal drugs. The dream of every mayor is to free his jurisdiction from the ill- effect of illegal drugs and to protect his constituency. The MunicipaIity of Dalaguete’s advocacy is to achieve a community that is free from the impending threats on drug addiction. Truth as it may, that, in progress there’s an accompanying risks of crime rate increase.  Illegal Drug traffickers make use of the economic advancement that these Illegal Drug trafficking and administration of substance abuse became a serious and alarming condition. The new set of Local Government Officials of Dalaguete, intends to suppress this common occurrence that can cause great harm to our people. Interventions from the government are written in a well planned actions developed into programs and projects included in the Municipality Development Plan and as disaster risks reduction and management program.

July 1, 2016, the first day in office of the new set of the Municipal Elective Officials, thru the MADAC, a welcome message transcribed into a colorful parade and rally carrying peace and goodwill to the constituency was conducted at Barangay Balud Covered Court.

The Municipal Anti-Drug Abuse Council (MADAC) brings into the air an implication of fear in great intensity enough to touch the heart of the people involved in illegal drugs activities. Their will to stop this illegal trade is essentially the main purpose and an advice to “JUST SAY NO” to illegal Drug use was as the message it brings to the youth that are our children.

The Dalaguete - PNP has its mandated function to arrest and prosecute criminals, the local government can not intervene in the process employed to fulfill their functions, for it is a valid exercise of their duties which is to arrest lawless elements. Illegal Drugs is their greatest challenge and to arrest all that can cause barriers to the maintenance of peace and order is there solution.

 A spillage in human resources as a result to the indiscriminate arrest of illegal drug traffickers, (users, pushers, couriers) is painful to the father of the municipality. It will affect the future of this people who will loss opportunities to grow and be somebody in their lives and end their lives journey in the dark cell of the prison.  Interventions embodied in the MADAC plan of action are plotted there with the effort to start from less stringent process if not friendly, to cruel and drastic punishment of incarceration.

The re elected Mayor Hon. Ronald Allan G. Cesante gave his warm appreciation in the full  cooperation of the invited participants and speakers.  The Municipal Government expressed its warm gratitude to the CPPO-7 represented by Deputy PIB, CPPO Leo Logronio, PSI Bobby L.  Aldefolla  RPSB7, the CPADAC who sent their active representative Ana Mariz Deligero to deliver Hon. Remedios Durano Micah’s message, the NSTP/ROTC, the Senior High School of UV Dalaguete guided by their Guidance Counselor Willie Adonay, the DNHS principal Mr. Banog Banog who send their School Band, the CASAY High School Principal Ramon Cartilla, who send their Complete members of the School Band and their pretty majorettes, the members of the LUBAS who actively find their standing on the advocacy of the Municipality, our BADAC  Teams, Mr   Arnel Bustamante Principal of Balud Elementary School who let his children listen and be safe, the Barangay Poblacion Officials who lend their resources, transportation and the Barangay Tanods of Poblacion, youth leaders and members of the “Barkada Kontra Droga” of Poblacion. Hon. Ma. Delia Castanos,  Who allowed the conduct of the friendly rally at the covered court of her Barangay of jurisdiction, to  most active Dalaguete - Phlippine National Police (PNP) headed by Chief Dexter Basirgo, who ordered his men a full force  support and  join the rally from start to finish, the new and outgoing  Municipal officials, the ABC with the active President Elmer Licaros, and all the LGU employees who voluntarily gave their support regardless if inline with their assigned functions or not ,  and the constituents of Barangay Balud .  The MADAC Team who derived strength from the never ending support of the people, is hoping to reap the expected positive response from the illegal drug pushers, users, couriers, and from all the affected business, and residential houses/establishments.

This is the beginning of change, let us embrace the administration’s advocacy and be one of those who will say “NO TO DRUGS”.

Thanks also to the LGU Job orders who assisted with the preparation: Merry Anne Sefuentes – PESO, Joel Alinabon – GSO, MADAC SEC., Karl Alcantara – Assessors,  Edwin  Bajarias –Kalahi.

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