On Friday, July 22 198 STAR Center students, family and friends packed the Dalaguete Sports Complex for the graduation of STAR Center’s Batch 31. 

“I’d like to congratulate each one of you this afternoon,” said Dalaguete’s Mayor Cesante.  “This is a significant accomplishment and for me it is an honor to be a small part of your success.  I am truly impressed with the determination and the professionalism I have seen in all of you” He went on to say “Now that you have the skills you need, you will be able to serve this country and you will help the economy grow.” As each STAR Center graduate crossed the stage to receive the coveted TESDA NCII certificate for the course they completed they understood those steps signified the end of their training and those steps also signified entering their future.

The STAR Center is located on Sta Rosario Ave at the Sea Wall, just 500 meters north of San Guillermo Church.  The STAR Center is intended to produce a steady stream of qualified professionals for the industries and business both in the Philippines and abroad, providing a further base of economic stability in  Southern Cebu. As part of the STAR Center’s curriculum, students have the opportunity to be enrolled in one of five technical training programs, including automotive technology, culinary arts, Dressmaking, Electrical Installation and Maintenance and Shielded Metal Arc Welding.  The STAR Center will add Tailoring, House Keeping and Plumbing for the next term which will begin in December 2016.


 star batch31 1

STAR Center’s Graduating class

star batch31 2 

Cookery class Senior Trainer Ma’am Mary M. Tenefrancia seated in middle with assistant trainer Sir Charlito Alberca in purple and white shirt

 star batch31 3

Dressmaking class Senior Trainer Ma’am Carazon Mier standing in middle of front row STAR Center Registrar Ma’am Victoria Gonzaga in blue and white shirt 

star batch31 4 

Automotive class Senior Trainer Sir Januario Palacio seated with blue shirt in the front row and seated to his right is assistant trainer Sir “Mac Mac” Omnus

star batch31 5 

EIM class Senior Trainer Sir Jim Gamboa seated in red shirt and assistant trainer Sir Danilo Bejec standing with yellow shirt

star batch31 6 

SMAW class Senior Trainer Sir Melchor Vale in front row kneeling

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