iyouthdayThe Municipal Government of Dalaguete celebrated their first ever Dalaguete Youth Day 2016 last August 13-14, 2016 at the Dalaguete National High School (DNHS) in observance with the International Youth Day 2016/Linggo ng Kabataan 2016 themed: "The Road to 2030: Eradicating Poverty and Achieving Sustainable Production and Consumption". The activity was participated by the Dalaguete Youths ages 15 to 30 years old from the 25 barangays of Dalaguete namely: Mananggal, Sacsac, Coro, Balud, Consolacion, Obong, Tapon, Banhigan, Casay, Langkas, Nalhub, Caliongan, Lumbang, Lanao, Malones, Tabon, Dugyan, Mantalongon, Ablayan, Bulak, Manlapay, Obo, Maloray, Dumalan and of course Poblacion. A total of almost 300 active Dalaguete Youths attended the activity who stayed and slept overnight at the venue.

The activity was started off with a Grand Parade around downtown area led by the Dalaguete National High School Drum and Lyre Corps. After the Grand Parade, all the participants settled in the DNHS covered court and solemnly witnessed our Parish Youth Coordinating Council (PYCC) as they gracefully danced the Doxology followed with our Philippine National Anthem. Mrs. Ma. Gena B. Buenconsejo - ComDev Unit Head, welcomed everyone and give as well her thoughts towards the youth in our society today.

One of our main goal all throughout the activity is for all the participants to mingle with other youth representative from other barangays and to encourage openness and linkage between them. We gave them off a starter boost by singing and dancing to the tune of "Hello! Kumusta ka?" facilitated by PYCC. Afterwards, we shuffled the participants and formed them into three teams - Blue Team, Yellow Team and Green Team - by just searching for the corresponding color attached on their Identification Cards. We also gave the participants time to create their own cheer per teams which made them brainstorm together for better concepts and cheerfully presented it to the other teams. After the cheering, we encouraged everyone to dance as the PYCC led a Mob Dance to the tune of "Trumpets". All the participants enjoyed and got together with other barangay representatives which showed unity and camaraderie to everyone.

Hon. Ernesto "Todidot" Tangpos, Barangay Poblacion Captain/Chairman, gave the youth an Inspirational Message and encouraged the to get involved in every barangay and/or Municipal activities, projects and programs. He also tackled about the social issues the Dalaguete youth is facing right now and gave them tips on how to make easy solution overcoming these issues.

The youth also needs spiritual involvement towards our church. This also gives them opportunities to serve our church by joining religious activities such as eucharistic celebrations and local parish celebrations. Thus, we also invited a very special guest that gave the youth a glimpse of how the church works in terms of youth-involvement. Rev. Fr. Eduardo Rocha, SVD - USC Provincial Superior, Society of the Divine Word Missionaries, also talked about youth values and the importance of these values in all aspects of life. He also reviewed the youth's knowledge about the creation of the world and mankind.

In relation to this year's theme, it focuses on our community on how are we going to prepare for the next 15 years. Will our community be able to survive? Will we be able to achieve our goals in eradication poverty? Will we be able to sustain our future needs? These questions targets our youth today because they are the future, they will be the one to make ways on how to easily survive the consequences our community is facing today. With this, we created ways to make the youth realize on how to survive the future by not depending on modernization. During the activity, each team color has a corresponding community and environmental involvement. Green for Tree Planting, Yellow for Feeding Program and Blue for Coastal Clean-Up. Each team separated ways to fulfill the immersion and really experienced on how these ways could help them in the future.

The Tree Planting by Team Green was held at Sitio Cansusi, Barangay Tapon, Dalaguete. With the help of our Municipal Agriculture and Natural Resources Office (MANRO) the youth were able to plant almost a hundred seedlings which really made each of the group to get in touch of nature. The Feeding Program by Yellow Team was held at Sitio Guiwanon, Barangay Poblacion, Dalaguete. Guided by our Barangay Poblacion Officials and Health Workers, each participant was able to share blessing to the children living within the sitio and let them experience how important it is to help those who have less blessings in life. The Coastal Clean-Up by Blue Team was held at the shorelines of Sitio La Paz and Sitio Catadman, Poblacion, Dalaguete. The youth prioritized getting the non-biodegradable trash all over the shore for these could really harm the wildlife and made them realize how important it is to properly dispose their garbage and how would it affect our environment. These immersions was of great experience for the youth especially for the participants who joined because most of the youth are occupied by the modern changes today.

After the immersions, we assigned a specific topics for each team on how is the youth today in terms of family, church and community. They were given time to practice and get along with their respective teams to create a concept that could describe the topic assigned to them either thru dance or drama and will present their output later during the night activity.

The first night activity was the Youth Forum. We gathered the best speakers/resource persons in our municipality that represents the Youth, Health, Education, Church and Peace & Order (PNP). The Youth Forum serves as an open book for the participants to know the status of the youth today specially in our town. Hon. Royce Nikko J. Cesante - SB Member, Chairperson for Commission on Youth and Sports, represented the Youth Sector. Ms. Coca Nicohl Osorio, RN - RHU II, represented the Health Sector. Mrs. Yvonne B. Moran - PYCC Adviser, represented the Church Sector. Mr. Leo Carlo Casinillo - Head, Education, LGU Dalaguete, represented the Education Sector. Lastly, PO3 Maximo Beciña - PNP Dalaguete Unit, represented the Peace & Order Sector. Each of the Sector representatives proactively introduced the projects and programs made for the youth and also presented their targets on how to continually improve these over the next few years to come. The participants attentively listened and also raised questions related to the sectors mentioned. The Youth Forum was very successful and the participants were very grateful of this part of the activity because they knew that there is something that they could be involved of in our municipality.

The participants of each team were very excited to showcase their presentations since the time that we gave earlier that day was enough. They were very ready for the "Barrio Fiesta." The Barrio Fiesta was one of the best part of our activity because all the participants actively joined and cooperated with their teams and showed leadership, understanding and camaraderie. Each group showcased their talents thru Acting and Dancing. All of them showed unique concepts on how the youth is today and showed good morals and values that would possibly be applied in real life. The youth had fun and really enjoyed Barrio Fiesta.

After a long day of fun and learning, the youth had also spent a solemn and spiritual time with our Heavenly Father. The Parish Youth Coordinating Council (PYCC) facilitated the Taize Prayer - a holy session for the youth and gave time to our Lord God. Each participant had their time of reflection for themselves, for their family, for our municipality and for our country. Light's off, candles everywhere, religious music, deep intentions and with the presence of the Holy Cross, the participants were touched and felt blessed.

The next day activity started off attending the Holy Mass at St. William Parish.

We marked off the activity by asking random questions to some of the youth and let them evaluate each part of the activity including the venue, food, security and overall grade. We also gave them their certificate of participation and a token of gratitude for the utmost participation all throughout the activity.

This activity would not be possible without these active working committees: Mr. Joel P. Aliñabon - Municipal Youth Focal, Mr. James Russell "Storm" T. Gelaga - ComDev Youth, ComDev Unit, MDRRMC, ITSM Department, Education Department, RHU, MANRO, PNP, Barangay Poblacion Officials, Health Workers, And Tanods, Parish Youth Coordinating Council, Poblacion Youth Organization Officers, DNHS, and Gerboy's Catering.

Special thanks to our active Municipal Mayor, Hon. Ronald Allan G. Cesante, CPA, Vice Mayor Hon. Jeffrey B. Belciña, Hon. Royce Nikko Cesante, Hon. Elmer Licaros and the League of Barangay Captains, Mrs. Ma. Gena B. Buenconsejo, Hon. Ernesto "Todidot" Tangpos, Hon. Darilyn Lagahid, Rev. Fr. Eduardo Rocha, SVD, Ms. Coca Nicohl Osorio, Mrs. Yvonne B. Moran, Mr. Leo Carlo Casinillo, PO3 Maximo Belciña, Mr. Roger D. Banogbanog, Mrs. Maria Socorro N. Relacion, Mr. Mario Rosarito and Ms. Julie Ann Trinidad.

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