3rd service excellenceThe Municipal Government of Dalaguete celebrated their 3rd Service Excellence Awards in line with the 116th Philippine Civil Service Anniversary as it is a requirement under the Municipal Ordinance Number 160-2013.

            This recognition program was launched last December 30, 2013 honouring 10 year-milestone awardees, 20 year-milestone awardees, 30 year-milestone awardees, Posthumous awardees, Service Excellence Awardees (for Elective Officials), Outstanding Awardees and Active and Non-active Retirees. This also is to honour our Dangal ng Bayan Awardee/Nominee.

            Thru the efforts of the PRAISE Committee (Programs on Awards and Incentives for Service Excellence), they have carefully selected, evaluated and agreed upon the new Municipal employees/awardees who possessed exemplary public service throughout the years. This recognition program will motivate and inspire the new Municipal employees to improve the quality of their performance and instil deeper involvement in public service.

            This year, we recognized and honoured 6 10-year milestone; 5 20-year milestone; 2 30-year milestone and 2 active retirees. We also highlighted our Dangal ng Bayan Nominee who passed thru the Regional level. Below are the names of the Awardees:


10 Year-milestone Awardees:

● Maria Luisa C. Magallanes

● Jally Myra C. Gonzales

●  Asteria F. Amandoron

●Ma. Jean C. Gilbuena

● Helen S. Cabonegro

● Humildad A. Lara.

20 Year-milestone Awardees:

● Cristina Y. Miranda

● Edmund M. Centeno

● Ma. Joje P. Amarillento

● Maria Luisa O. Villahermosa

● Julia G. Llanos

30 Year-milestone Awardees:

● Josefina V. Amaya

● Estelita B. Ceballos

Active Retirees:

Erlinda O. Caraan

● Edna A. Lumayag

Dangal ng Bayan Nominee (Regional level)

Macario H. Moya



            Each of the awardees received a plaque and a certificate presented to them by our active Acting Municipal Mayor - Hon. Jeffrey B. Belciña, Municipal Councilors - Hon. Mario Montenegro, Hon. Felix Villacorta and Hon. Hilarion Belciña, assisted by Ms. Marie Fe V. Zambrano - Municipal Civil Registrar and Human Resource Mgt. Officer Designate. The awardees also gave their acceptance speech expressing their motivation and dedication for the years they have rendered working for our Municipality.

            The night was marked a very memorable event for the awardees and to all the Municipal employees who attended the recognition. Along with the very soulful acoustic band and luscious buffet, they were able to enjoy the night, celebrated their years of service to the public and reaped their seeds of hard work and dedication.


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