silaw or 01Initiated in 2014 and in line with Mayor Ronald Allan Cesante’s priority projects for indigent families, SILAW Scholarship Program is aimed to assist deserving SILAW children who are enrolled in public high schools and at Dalaguete STAR Center. It started with 99 scholars in SY 2014-2015 and was increased to 120 scholars in SY 2015-2016. Currently, we have 229 SILAW scholars in 8 national high schools and 1 scholar at Dalaguete STAR Center. The increasing number of scholars is a good indication that in-school children of SILAW households are becoming more motivated and inspired to get high grades in order to qualify as SILAW scholars.

silaw or 02As part of the program, Community Development (ComDev) Office conducts orientation sessions to SILAW scholars in 8 national high schools. Presented during the sessions are the Scholarship Program’s requirements, guidelines and privileges. Moreover, the scholars are informed about SILAW sa Paglaum Program, its components and the different services and projects for SILAW beneficiary-families.

Among the privileges given to the SILAW scholars are uniform / book allowance and monthly stipend that the school could use for transportation, food or other expenses such as those that may be incurred for the scholars’ projects.

silaw or 03Dalaguete STAR Center scholars, on the other hand, will receive a one-time allowance for their materials/consumables and monthly stipend for transportation, food or other expenses as required by their technical/vocational courses.

The Municipal Government of Dalaguete is optimistic that the Scholarship Program will be sustained in the years to come for it truly makes a difference to the lives of SILAW children and youth. Keep it up SILAW scholars!

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