dalagan dumalanIn Dalaguete, we believe that education is the responsibility of everyone. We believe that it will take a village to educate a child. We believe that the future of Dalaguete is of great importance to be left solely in the hands of the teachers or principals. For education to positively change the lives of Dalaguetnon children, the government and all able-bodied citizens must give a part of themselves to help our schools. After all, as Mayor Ronald Allan Cesante puts it, “This is to ensure that the next Dalaguetnons to replace us are better than us.”

       As part of this strategic vision, the Municipal Government of Dalaguete (MGD) invested on links for the social capital and created an education-governance-community interface as vehicle for resource mobilization on education. Put simply, the MGD initiates activities where everyone can help our children obtain quality education as the foundation to improve their lives and sustainable development.

       Following this thrust, the MGD Officials led by Acting Municipal Mayor Jeffrey Belciña through the Community Development (COMDEV) Unit under Ms. Gena Buenconsejo, the DepEd and other offices, organized the Dalagan para sa Dumalan NHS—a fun run activity for the purchase of armchairs and facilities enhancement of the newly-established Dumalan NHS. This came as a brainchild of Honorable SB Members Felix Villacorta and Hon. Royce Nikko Cesante who strongly set the objectives of the activity after seeing the needs of the Dumalan NHS students.

       Held on a cool early Saturday morning of February 4, 2017, the Run finished with an overwhelming success. Over 700 runners from different walks of life registered for the 3 KM and 5 KM running categories. For the 5 KM category John Cliff Debolusan, John Darryl Manos, and Ricky Amamangpang won the first, second, and third places respectively. On the other hand, Renan Amamangpang, Gerald Orozco, and Seann Kyle Trapero won the first, second, and third places respectively in the 3 KM category.

       The Run was an enormous gathering of teachers, students, other government employees, and running enthusiasts. All of them came not only to help Dumalan NHS, but also to celebrate the coming of the 306th Annual Fiesta of Dalaguete.

       All smiles and making history in this worthy cause, the education stakeholders ran and danced in the Zumba while accumulating a net proceeds of about a hundred thousand. This has met the school’s necessities, and exceeded the expectations of the organizers. The School Head of Dumalan NHS, Ms. Florencia Orozco and Dumalan Brgy. Captain Juanito Ybañez gratefully received the cash proceeds. In a message during the event, Hon. Nikko Cesante thanked those who came and said that the huge number of registrants is “Dalaguete giving back to the community.”

      The MGD and the organizers are forever optimistic that the same display of unity during the Dalagan para sa Dumalan NHS would be fostered forever. After all, in Dalaguete, we believe that learners come first. We want our children and young people to enjoy learning, make better progress, and achieve high standards. To do this, relationships need to be established and key players must work well to ensure that Dalaguete schools offer quality facilities, and are sufficiently available, so as to offer choices, good access, and better environment in which to learn.

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